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Séance de yoga
Séance de yoga

Maryse, October 2021


I highly recommend Katia Le Pennec. Very attentive and very good advice. To date I have lost 11 kg since March with a simple food rebalancing. Gone is the word diet from my vocabulary! It's possible even at 64...

Xavier, September 2021

I warmly recommend, close your eyes and let yourself be surprised by Katia's beautiful energy...
Listening smiling and attentive a real moment of well-being and relaxation. After only two reiki sessions. Thank you Katia and see you very soon!

Nathalie, May 2021

I highly recommend this person, very professional, attentive, very friendly!!! And results.

Frederic , March 2021

Pleasant treatment for the well-being that it gave me, a moment of relaxation and serenity. Thanks ! see you soon !


Thank you to all the people we met for their trust and their warm exchanges during the consultations. It is always a great pleasure for me to be able to accompany you on the path to balance,  and to see you become fully involved in your health and well-being.


Magali, September 2020

a real listening to target my need at this first session which I appreciated. An effective treatment where I could feel energies and changes in my body, I recommend it's great!

Hubert, May 2020

Very professional,  I lost 9kg, regained an Olympic form and the taste of cooking with a food rebalancing and very good advice thanks again to Katia Le Pennec whom I highly recommend.

Alice, May 2019

Very very good advice and a perfect support for my weight loss. Nothing to say except, if you need support for a food rebalancing go for it!
Thank you Mrs. LePennec for the results obtained

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