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Katia Le Pennec
Energy Therapist Reiki

My journey with energy

  Following a burnout,I discovered,after a strong feeling, this new ability to be able to work with energies.I began to experience this potential through the technique of Reiki, a traditional Japanese energy healing technique. I havethen passed my 3 levels,  until reaching that of reiki master. This traditional Japanese method allowed me to better understand the energies. Since then, my practice has continued to evolve, I am more attentive and let myself be guided more during the session.  I still feel a lot of pleasure in being able to channel this gentle and restorative and à  share it with people who feel the need.

Reiki traitement
The benefits of energy healing

It is a natural method aimed at recharging and rebalancing the energies of the body.,  to soothe ailments, calm the mind and bring relaxation and inner well-being.
An energy treatment helps to reduce internal tensions, and to act on certain psychosomatic forms, which diminish or disappear naturally: pain, somatization, parasitic thoughts, anxiety, anguish, depression, burnout...
However, it does not cure illnesses, and does not replace medical treatment in the event of a proven health problem.

Restore vitality to body and mind

The state of meditative relaxation allows you to release tensions and blockages. It allows energy to circulate freely, and restores the vitality of body and mind. It allows the body to activate its own resources  to initiate the self-healing process.

deep relaxation

It is a technique of deep relaxation and meditation, which works for everyone beyond beliefs and cultures, and which allows everyone to develop the strength of the spirit, to seek in oneself their own resources and capacities to move forward on his path and evolve towards his personal fulfillment (physical, psychic and spiritual).

Reduce stress-related symptoms

The state of deep relaxation achieved during the session helps to soothe tensions and stress-related somatizations.


 Breathing time...

Course of a session

A 10-minute contact allows us to get to know each other and assess your expectations. During the session, which lasts approximately 30 to  45 minutes,  you are lying on a massage table, covered with a plaid if necessary so as not to be cold , and you  close your eyes in a state of relaxation (or at home lying on a bed or the sofa, or in a good armchair for remote sessions, the important thing is to get in reception). For my part, the technique consists of placing my hands,  above your head at first, then  I move according to my feelings above the body , on the areas that need energy, there is no direct contact (energy is not limited by space and time, healing can be sent from a distance). Many patients report that the impression felt when applying the hands during the treatment could be comparable to the sensation caused by the presence of a hot water bottle, tingling, gurgling sensations in the stomach, the circulation of a liquid in the arms or the legs… it's energy! After the session, we can discuss your feelings if you wish.

During the session, you generally reach a state of great relaxation.


Reiki Therapist and Energetician in Fréjus

Certification 1st degree of Reiki Usui (April 2016)

2nd degree certification of Reiki Usui (October 2016),

Certification Master Practitioner  3rd degree of Reiki Usui (October 2018)

Soins Énergétiques / Reiki à distance

Energy circulates, without time or space constraints, treatments can take place remotely while providing the same benefits.



Call me at06 61 49 31 05or email me to discuss!


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