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nutrition sportive frejus
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Sports Nutrition


Adapt your diet to your sports practice with an adapted sports diet.

Sports dietician and Naturopath, graduated in Nutrition of Physical and Sports Activities at the University of Paris Descartes, and in Physionutrition  at the UFR of Pharmacy University of Grenoble,I offer you personalized support to help you better understand and better meet your nutritional and physiological needs, specific to your sports practice.


As an athlete, your body is subjected to significant and repeated efforts. For optimal functioning, good recovery and to improve your performance, your diet can be balanced and adapted to your physical activity through the basics of sports nutrition.

alimentation du sportif frejus

Cover your nutritional needs

What are my nutritional needs and how can I meet them effectively?

How do I stay hydrated enough?

How can I better manage my weight?

How can I protect my muscles and promote good muscle mass?

How do I lower my body fat?

nutrition sportive

Improve your recovery

What nutritional quality is recommended for better performance and recovery? How can I lower the acidity of the body to protect my joints  and improve my recovery? How to fight against oxidative stress?


Improve your performance

How do I find my optimal weight for better performance?

How do I maintain my energy intake, micronutrients, and good hydration during exercise?

What distribution of my diet is best suited to best meet my needs?

dieteticienne du sport

Call me at06 61 49 31 05or email me to discuss!


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