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Physionutrition, Nutritherapy, advice on Micronutrition and Sports Nutrition

Nutrition is an essential pillar of health, which is why I put my skills at your service.nutritional advice.Dietician Nutritionistfor 20 years in practice, I specialized inphysionutrition, micronutritionandsports nutrition.

Food balance and health

Food rebalancingpersonalized, weight management,weightloss.

Adapt yourfeedat your pace of life and your tastes,

Discover the tricks of thebalanced dietin order to achieve and maintain yourfitness weight.

In addition : Hormone-nutrition

Female Disorders– Management of female hormones

Intended for women suffering from hormonal disorders, peri-menopause andmenopause, resistance to weight loss.

Family, pregnancy


For adults and children…

Take stock of your eating habits and the contents of “your plate”

child nutrition,teenager,pregnancy.

Vegetarian food, Flexitarians

Diet low in animal protein.Vegetarians.

Health, therapeutic diets


Specialized in Therapeutic Education

Diabetes,Cardiovascular disordersand metabolic.

Stomach aches-Transit and Digestion

circulation disorders

Joint pain


intolerances: Gluten-free – lactose-free diet.

Behavioral problemseating

Fatigue, depression, burnout

Addictions, smoking cessation

Immunity, skin problems

Seniors' diet

COVER YOUR NUTRITIONAL NEEDS and fill in the gaps thatmay be related to the physiological effects of aging.

Senior nutrition.

Strengthen your health and vitality.

Athletes, performance dietetics

 Power supplyand practicalathletic, promote better RECOVERY with thesports nutrition.

Improve your Performance.

Physionutrition and Micronutrition

A NEW CARE METHOD: Formed inPhysionutritionand inmicro nutrition, as well as thereading of biological markers(Biological analyses)

This approach, which encompasses the clinical, physiological and biological study, as well as the management of imbalances and deficiencies in macro- and micronutrients,  makes it possible to achieve the desired rebalancing objectives more effectively. .

Physionutrition revolves around 4 fundamental pillars: Nutrition, Micronutrition, Endocrinology and Emotions grouping together 11 balances:

  • food balance,

  • the balance of the microbiota,

  • the balance of intestinal permeability,

  • detox balance,

  • oxido-inflammatory balance,

  • balance in essential fatty acids,

  • acid-base balance,

  • balance in neuromediators,

  • mitochondrial balance,

  • metabolic and hormonal balance,

  • psycho-behavioral balance. »

"More specifically, she studies the role of essential fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, probiotics and neuromediators as well as the biochemical and clinical phenomena related to oxidative stress, physical exercise, balance of the intestinal flora, immunology… It also incorporates more recent sciences such as nutrigenetics or anti-aging hormone therapy”.


Régime alimentaire

Paramedical center -1268 avenue de Provence - 83600 Fréjus Plage

Faire du jus vert
Bol santé
Séance de yoga
Sport d'eau

Dietician Nutritionist with a State diploma, 20 years of experience in private practice.


DUT in Dietetics with mention at  the IUT of Nancy – 1998

University Diploma in Nutrition and Physical and Sports Activities _ Paris Descartes University _ (2018).

University Diploma in Dietetics and Physionutrition _ UFR of Pharmacy University of Grenoble _ (2019)

Reading Biological Markers –  Lyon (2019)

Call me at06 61 49 31 05 or email me to discuss!


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