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therapeute holistique frejus

Phytotherapy Advisor 

The benefits of plants: Phytotherapy and aromatherapy

I offer you a complementary approach which is also traditional: aromatherapy and herbal medicine. Discover essential oils and their use to soothe and treat minor everyday ailments, as well as energetic aromatherapy, for those who wish to go a little further in discovering the potential of these active ingredients, which relieve the body and the skin. 'soul.

Aromatherapy uses chemotyped essential oils (volatile essence extracted from aromatic plants by distillation) which all have several therapeutic properties. One can then create synergies between the oils, and offer multiple possibilities of very individualized actions to improve one's health and one's well-being.

Phytotherapy is the use of plant extracts, often used in the form of herbal teas or macerates. It is sometimes recommended in combination with aromatherapy, softer it can be used over longer periods, andallows  thus to rebalance certain "grounds" essential to the good health of the body: detox, sleep, nervous system, ... 

As a holistic and energy therapist in Fréjus and Saint Raphaël, my discovery of the energy potential of essential oils and their use in psycho-emotional rebalancing ended up convincing me and encouraged me to train myself in this vast discipline through its fascinating applications. by its subtleties.

Femme dans un champ de lavande

Graduated in Aromatherapy from the Lyonnaise school of medicinal plants and natural knowledge  (2021)

University Diploma in Phyto-Aromatherapy - Faculty of Medicine of Nice _ (2022)

in office in Fréjus and online throughout France and French-speaking countries


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